UNC Accomplishments

The following is a list of items which were accomplished either directly or indirectly by the University Neighborhoods Coalition.

Date Accomplishment
Winter 2002 Master Planning for Park at Sixth and William
Fall 2001 Successfully bring 10 blocks within SUN and 1 block within HMNA (in UNC) to Permit Parking
Ongoing Gateway Beautification project led byErin Mayer. Erin and team of volunteers meet on the 1st Saturday of each month (Rain or Shine!) to plant and clean Gateways. Call (408)279-8933 for more information.
Summer 2001 First ever UNC Fundraiser, raising funds for Park at 6th/William. Reception at MACLA followed by private screening of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
Spring 2001 Begin review of existing revitalization plan to see what additional items might be addressed as we become an SNI project area.
Successful petition drive to bring Residential Permit Parking to remainder of University Neighborhoods. See map for additional details.
Ongoing reforestation project led by Janice Eberhart plants trees surrounding Lowell Elementary.
City of San Jose takes possession of all 4 parcels for park at 6th/William.
Stoplight at 10th San Antonio activated.
Fall 2000 Funding for first of 4 empty lots at 6th/William provided by Councilmember Cindy Chavez, a lot offered for sale in the Summer of 1999.
Summer 2000 Stoplight installed at 10th and San Antonio!
Funding for 3 empty lots at 6th and William obtained through a CDBG grant written by Tom Simon!
26 Aug 2000 Neighborhood Block Grant Training provided to poperty owners
30 October 1999 Neighborhood Block Grant Kickoff event held at Lowell School to publicize upcoming block grant funds available through the University Neighborhoods Coalition for beautification of blocks.
Aug-99 Midnight Beautification removed more mattresses, offensive signage (old metal ads) from a frat house, grocery carts. Similar to the Guerilla Girls (without the cool masks) the MBT makes aesthetically pleasing changes every day in every way.
Jun-99 Successful CDBG Grant written by Mark Williams (Board member) and Mike Brilliot (Planning) for funds to repair alley between 7yh/8th and Margaret/Reed

Formation of Midnight Beautification Team included removal of abandoned mattresses and stolen signs. Future midnight raids may include planting flowers and graffiti removal.

May-99 Tree Trimming completed for South, North, East and West Campus! Congratulations to the UNC team who worked so hard to see this happen and to the City Arborist, Mark Beaudoin, who made it a reality. Special thanks to West Coast Arborists from Fresno who found their way to San Jose!

$170,000 was approved for tree trimming for the South University area, East Campus, North Campus, Paseo and Naglee Park areas. Tree Trimming was completed on schedule and under budget. The Mark Beaudoin, will be planting replacement trees beginning in the fall with surplus funds.

Apr-99 On Saturday 17 April 1999 the first annual South Campus Spring Fling was held in conjunction with the Lowell Elementary bi-annual rummage sale. The event was a great success and raised over $2,700 for Lowell Elementary School. Many Thanks to Lisa Jensen for organizing the Fling!

Special thanks go to all our wonderful sponsors and volunteers for their time, energy and product donations.

Apr-99 Evening anti-graffiti patrol (your neighbors) cleaned the North facing wall of the Grewal Market on the corner of S Tenth. Met one of the employees and talked about city resources for graffiti removal.
Apr-99 TREE TRIMING Completed in South Campus!! Yahoo! Funding for this project came from UNC Revitalization Funds as a result of action on the part of UNC members.
Mar-99 Six street lights put back to working order
Mar-99 Graffiti along Margaret Street from 10th to 8th, and in the 7th Street alley reported by members of UNC cleaned March 1999 (contacts: Anti-Graffiti hotline Officers Dan Katz and Bea Gonzalez)
Feb-99 Betsy Ward painted over graffiti on four walls at the corner of East San Salvador and South Eleventh, good going, Betsy!
Feb-99 Graffiti removed from Sonia’s Restuarant and Spartan Market (8th & William)
Feb-99 Stop sign at S Sixth and William Street installed
Jan-99 Street light replacement on S. 9th/William, 10th bet William/Reed, S. 8th/William, S. 8th/Reed, S. 6th/William.
Jan-99 Paula’s Place owners signed renovation agreement with District Attorney
Jan-99 Mike Brilliot (city planner) and Mark Williams make presentation to community development block grant (CDBG) for alley grant
Jan-99 Graffiti along William Street from 11th to 8th reported by members of UNC cleaned 2 February 1999 (contacts: Anti-Graffiti hotline Officers Dan Katz and Bea Gonzalez)
Jan-99 Street Cleaning implemented in South Campus area! Does your street get cleaned every month? If not, call Streets & Traffic to let them know.
Dec-98 Relocation of Jack Manes out of downtown area
17-Nov-98 Complete installation of trash receptacles at Seventh/Reed, Sixth/William, Spartan Market. Installation started 1 November 1998
14-Nov-98 Abandoned car removal on S. Ninth between William and San Salvador
13-Nov-98 Removal of abandoned couch on S. Ninth between William and San Salvador
13-Nov-98 Community cleanup organized through COPCE
1-Nov-98 Street light replacement on South Ninth between William and San Salvador
Nov-98 Pete’s Stop painted and refurbished
Oct-98 Spartan Market painted
Oct-98 Royale Apartments painted
Sep-98 Dalat Café strip mall painted and refurbished

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