President’s Corner

In November, the UNC elected a new president, so it is time for a new President’s Corner.

My name is Tom Clifton and I have served as the UNC secretary for the past three years. As I step into the presidency, I find huge shoes to fill. Lisa Jensen has guided the UNC ablely through the development of the revised neighborhood revitalization plan. Lisa’s work to get the plan revised and accepted by San Jose City Council was phenomenal. All of the University neighborhoods owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Lisa. Thank you again!

Now that Lisa has set the stage, I have to do the work. With the help of the UNC board, we will be implementing the UNC top ten priorities.

We are fortunate that several of our top ten priorities are well on their way to implementation. O’Donnel Gardens Park at 6th and William Street should be completed by September 2004. Planning for the Coyote creek trail has started. Residential Permit Parking is being implemented on a number of blocks in the University neighborhoods. Work has begun on the reconstructing the alley between 5th and 6th Streets and should be near completion. Pedestrian friendly, historic-style street lighting is going be included as part of the park plan, traffic calming measures at 6th and Reed Streets, and a proposed development at 7th and William Streets.

While we can be pleased about these accomplishments, we still have a lot of work to do.

In the coming year, we hope that the completion of several of our top ten items will allow us to move items up in priority. For example with completion of the Park, one of our top priories will be ensuring that a full service trauma center remain in downtown San Jose.

University Neighborhoods Coalition
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